Wednesday, August 31, 2011

This One's For You

Wow!  What a gap I have created in my blog and how things have changed.  I could go on and on and on about all the things we have done in the last nine months or so but that could take a long while.  Therefore I will give a brief description and then promise to say something atleast once a month or so. 

Lets begin.  Last time I took the time to tolerate my kids bouncing around and screaming at me while I updated my blog was when I announced we were going to have a baby.  I never took the time to announce that we would be having a baby girl and despite the challenges at the beginning of the pregnancy, she appeared to be healthy!  Great news! 

The next thing that comes to my mind is a big family vacation.  In March Sterling's parents took all the siblings and grandkids on a trip to Disney World It was so much fun.  Neither myself or the kids have ever been.  We ate, and ate, and ate.  We also did just about everything a kid would want to do; they met several characters, experienced the fun rides, and watched the magic unfold.  We were able to see the fireworks from our hotel room so I told the kids as we put them to bed to watch as Mickey and his helpers tell them goodnight by sending fireworks into the sky.  I am now convinced that it truly is a magical place!

Then comes May 18th!  Our little McKenzie Lynne joined our crazy family.  Poor girl didn't know what she was getting into.  We are happy to announce (three months later) that she was born happy and healthy and continues on that path.  It was such a wonderful experience as the labor and delivery went perfectly.  Since then she has learned to play, smile, laugh and much more. 

Ten days later we decided to purchase a 2010 Dodge Grandcaravan.  I had buyers remorse until we took a  trip to Utah where I learned the purchase was totally worth it.

Here we are, it is August 31, 2011.  Three and a half years past our promised time to be transferred out of good ole Tucson.  The transfer never came and we decided it probalby never will.  So as our time came to renew the rental contract yet again, we learned that we could in fact afford a home!  We are happy to announce that we have purchased a home and will be moving in less than two months!  We are excited and nervous for this change but it will be so fun!

To all of you who have been checking and checking and checking for an update, you need to thank my persistant sister-in-law Becky!  She kept emailing and emailing and emailing and begging for an update.  So Becky, this one's for you!


Cherise said...

That HAS to be Gladden Farms! Which means you are in OUR WARD!!! No way!! When are you moving in? email me!!

Amylee said...

Well- here's my list of comments:
1- Welcome back! I miss you Mumfords.
2- Disney is TOTALLY magic. I believe.
3- McKenzie is beautiful! She looks a lot like her big brother. so glad things went well. (And I'm so glad I got a picture message months ago and didn't have to wait until now to see her- thanks Sterling! :)).
4- I totally want a minivan one day. Ride or die, baby.
5- A house! Congratulations!!!!! It looks awesome. You guys are all grown up or something. Cool.
Also, Sterling, we are having an Advnaced Theater Reunion on September 24th. Don't know if you guys could make it, but I didn't want you to not know about it either. It would be AMAZING to see you and your family. E-mail me if you have questions-

Teandra said...

thanks for the update! It's great to see the new addition and know you're doing well!

StamKeve said...

Congrats on the things going on in your lives! Happy you get to buy a house, but sad that you won't be coming back to Utah!

Brian and Becky said...

WOO-HOO, I got my own shout-out on your blog! I can now die in peace. :) Thanks for the update, I needed my Disney picture fix, so I guess this will have to do until I can go again. Good luck with your big move, and give the kiddos big kisses for us!

Amy Legler said...

It makes me so sad that your moving, but I'm even happier for you! Thanks for the update!

The Fawcett Family said...

Wendy, what a beautiful family!!! I am also SO excited about you new house. It looks SO nice! I bet you are going to love it! Having a new house is SO fun and I love having a yard for the kids to play in. We have a minivan and we LOVE it!! Makes car seats a lot easier. We want to make it out there sometime to visit you. We need a vacation. :)