Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Thanksgiving in Utah

So we made another trek out to Utah. It was great as usual. We saw many friends and family and enjoyed spending time with the cousins. Once again, Sterling only came for a few days and then flew home. The kids and I were lucky enough to stay for an extra two weeks after Sterling left. Thanks to his wonderful sister, Theresa, the kids and I were able to stay longer and I had help driving home with the kids. So Thank You Theresa!!
Besides visiting family, we were able to see the Ogden Temple, the lights at Temple Square, and my favorite, alot of snow and cold weather!! I have really been tired of the warm weather here in Tucson, if you could believe that. I was so excited to be able to see the snow and even have a turn at shoveling the sidewalks. Everyone in Utah who knew I was craving the snow blamed me that they had to deal with it all. Whatever, the blame was worth it.
Okay, so now a bit of analyzing of the photos. This first one is of the kids at the Ogden temple. Then you have a picture I took at Temple Square and a picture of the snow in my parent's front yard. The two final pictures kind of go together. Once day my sister and I were tending the kids and needed a little "quiet time" so we put on a movie. The kids decided to gather in the chair and watch the movie together. A few days later the cousins were in school and Brooklyn wanted to watch tv Pooh. So the final picture is how I found her. I guess when you can't have your friends (as she calls her cousins) to hang out with, the next best things are stuffed animals!!

Anyway, we had a great trip and look forward to seeing the other side of the family here shortly!!