Thursday, November 5, 2009

End of October Festivities

This Halloween was a lot of fun for us. We began the week with a Halloween Party where we all played lots of games against other families. It was lots of fun. Saturday we woke up early and went with Richie, Angie, and Mylie to a corn maze and pumpkin patch which was nearly two hours away. In the corn maze there were trivia questions that you had to answer, with the correct answer you would be directed in the right direction. It was really exciting. After about an hour or so we found our way out and headed for the hay ride. It was my first time ever doing a hay ride. Brooklyn really liked the tractor that pulled us. The tractor took us to a pumpkin patch where many people cut their own pumpkins to purchase. However, we are cheap and just went for the ride. After we got home we rested for about two hours we took our exhausted children trick-or-treating and then off to another party at Valerie and Matt's place. It was a fun Halloween for us this year with Brooklyn getting older and knowing more of what is going on. Trevor just slept for a good part of trick-or-treating but he still looked quite cute. Anyway, enough rambling from me. Here are the pictures of the kids in their free, homemade, Piglet and Pooh costumes!! Also, Angie is starting to do photography and took some family pictures for us at the corn maze. Take a look at them at she did a really good job!!