Thursday, August 26, 2010

Play Play Play = a Good Good Day!

This morning I was extra lazy. Trevor woke up super early this morning so I just held him in bed while I tried to get a little more sleep. He did pretty good for a while, but then he decided that he was missing Brooklyn. Just as he called for Brooklyn, she came walking into our room. The boy was so excited to see his big sister! They immediately began to play. Being the lazy mother that I am, I got them a couple cups of milk, some dry cereal in some bowls, handed it to the kids, and laid right back in bed. Well, the following pictures is what I woke up to a little while later. My kids were busy!
I saw that they did a bit of coloring and playing in my night stand.

Then I saw that they had covered nearly every piece of floor with little blankets.

Brooklyn even made up several little beds in the hallway for her babies.

There was more busyness then I could show (I just don't know how to post more than five pictures at a time). I usually like to keep things picked up around the house, but this time, I just let everything be. It was so great to wake up from what you could call a "morning nap" to see that my kids had been busy playing.
However one thing made me wish that it was one of those days that the kids were bored to tears. I quickly found out that is was totally a day to be outside when I stepped outside to water some of our plants and the weather was just absolutely perfect. Why is that, the kids FINALLY play nicely, and it is a perfect day to spend outside!! Oh well I guess. So I decided to take advantage of the nice weather; we did sidewalk chalk, went on a long walk, and played in the rain until the kids were ready to be done! What a good day!!