Wednesday, July 14, 2010

What to do, What to do? (if anything just read the blue text!)

We just returned home from our semi-annual two week trip to Utah, the great majority of which was spent outside playing with friends and family. We went to the zoo, went to a pool, ran through sprinklers, helped in the yard, and spent some good quality time with friends and family. I could go on and on about ALL the fun activities that we got to do, but I just don't think it is necessary. However I will name some firsts:
Brooklyn got to go in a canoe, both kids got to attempt
to catch some chickens, they both went to thier first 4th
of July Parade, they both did sparklers, and Trevor saw
fireworks for the first time!

Zoo Time with most of the cousins!! (Sadly we couldn't see them all as they live in Ohio, but we are excited for them to have a new baby sister Ella, join the family!!)
Canoe trip on the pond with dad!!

Trevor admiring the hen deciding whether to get closer or scoot back!!

Posing on the porch with some cousins after fun times playing in the sprinklers!!

I thouroughly enjoyed watching the kids play and get to know their family members again! However, I am sad to say that we weren't able to visit everyone that we wanted to. It is always hard on the kids, and I will admit, it is hard on my patience as well, traveling so much, but we do our best to see as many people as we can. Which brings me to my next portion of the blog, I am so ready to live by family.

I have absolutely loved getting to know so many wonderful people and friends who have become a family away from family here in Tucson. But traveling is starting to take a toll on me I think. I am ready to just live near family so we can go visit the grandparents, the parents, the siblings, and the cousins. Going to Utah this time has made me desire living there more than ever. The mountains and scenery were so beautiful, the weather was amazing, and the grass felt SO good to lay on or even walk on!! Going to Utah made me also desire more than ever to have a yard of my own. It was SO nice to sit outside and watch the kids play without trying to keep them from running away or going in separate directions as is the case for me now. The kids are SO happy when they are outside and I desire to have them be as happy as possible. Which brings me to my plea for help.

I need some serious ideas for keeping a nearly 3 year old girl and a nearly 1 1/2 year old boy entertained for cheap, inside the home, and with something that is not too complex. ANY ideas would be wonderful. I have only been home for about three days now and the kids seem like they are bored stiff and can't be entertained worth a thing. FYI the temperature here is about 105 - 110 on average so there is no way I am bringing my kids out to play for longer than 10 minutes. This final picture give somewhat of an example of all we have been doing since being back home. Eating(which they are begging for food constantly because they have nothing else to do), building a tent (which they love for a few minutes), and trying to avoid watching TV all day (which they would prefer if they had it their way). Like I said before, I am at a loss and need some ideas quick or I might just go crazy not being able to keep my kids entertained!