Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Not So Fun Way to Find Out You Are Pregnant!

It all began the end of August with some chest pain. I was so nervous and terrified that I kept trying to tell myself it was just in my head and that it wasn't a big deal. Well, three weeks later I kept having the pain and it got worse. My left arm started tingling which made me come to reality that I needed to do something about it. I tried the doctors and they wouldn't accept me, I asked Sterling for a priesthood blessing and in that blessing was my answer. So I went to the urgent care where they did all sorts of tests and decided to send me to the hospital by ambulance. Well, after several tests, an x-ray, and medications, thankfully they concluded that there was just some inflammation in my chest cavity. I must back track and say that before the whole time I was letting them know that I might be pregnant. They did a test and didn't exactly say I wasn't pregnant but continued with the x-ray and medications any way.

When I left they gave me an anti-inflammatory and told me to make an ER check up with my doctor. A few days later I went to my doctor, they told me to stop my meds and did some more blood work on me. Well, not many days after that I was home with the kids and recieved the phone call and I quote "Hi Wendy, we got your results in from your blood work, and your pregnancy test was positive, and you have hypothyroidism! Oh, and you need to call your doctor as soon as possible since you have been on medication which can cause harm to the baby." This would mean I was only about three weeks pregnant!

I was freaking out. Scared to death because I still didn't know what was wrong with me, plus my baby could have been harmed from all the previous treatments. Time went on, more and more appointments came about, and finally an appointment with the cardiologist. This cardiologist concluded that everything I had been experiencing was due to my bodies reaction to the pregnancy and me lifting something causing muscle inflammation. What a relief! I just had to wait it out and take things easy so I could get better since I couldn't take meds to get it better.

It has now been about 11 weeks since I found out I was going to have a baby and things are looking alot better. My sisters showed up and helped me out tremendously with things around here so I could get better. I am so grateful for them just showing up, it helped me get better so much quicker. To end this long boring story and let you all know I am due May 28th and we are so excited to find out what the gender may be. The kids keep saying they want a sister. We shall see!