Thursday, October 15, 2009

New Tricks

Here are a couple pictures of the kids at the park. I have learned that Brooklyn's favorite things are the dirt and the slides. Trevor's favorite things are trying to be a big kid and swinging; he just laughs pretty much the entire time.

This is how I found Trevor today when I was doing the dishes!! Fun times!!
He is learning all too quickly how to climb and pull himself up to things.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I'm A Proud Momma!!

Brooklyn has just amazed me more and more everyday. Just to elaborate a bit, the other day Sterling and I were just talking and Brooklyn was playing with her little magna doodle. A couple minutes later I started to clean up the toys, picked up the magna doodle and this is what I found:

Whenever I have a piece of paper or if she decides to play with her magna doodle, she has always asked me to draw bears for her. Lately she has been wanting me to fill the entire magna doodle with as many bears as will fit. Well, as you can see, she has learned how to draw HER OWN bear!! Isn't this just absolutely amazing?? I mean, she's got the eyes on all of them and even a mouth or nose on others. Crazy!!

A couple weeks ago Trevor could only scoot himself in reverse. He actually was getting himself stuck between chairs and under the couch because he would just scoot back until something got in his way. So, we just had to take a picture of him getting himself stuck. But within the last week or so he has been able to sit up by himself and he can now get wherever he wants while going in the correct direction. The best part, is he is really getting into things. When I say no, he just looks at me with his cute mischeivious smile. I love it. Of course he has his second mom making sure he doesn't get into the movies, books, or shoes!! She is so funny!!