Friday, March 26, 2010

Our Recent (or Not So Recent) Adventures

As you can tell it has been since Thanksgiving that I have done a post. Now, its not because we haven't been up to anything, it is simply because I have a 2 1/2 year old and a 1 year old to chase after. Also, I have been working on a video for Trevor that includes, pictures, video, and a monthly list of all his milestones. It took several hours and I finally finished the morning of his birthday. Due to the hours and hours spent on the computer doing the video, I needed a break from the computer. Okay, so now that I have given you my excuse for neglecting the blog, I will give the update. Now, instead of doing 3 or 4 or 5 posts to list "Our Recent (or Not So Recent) Adventures" I have chosen to give you a brief list of our life in the past few months. Here goes:

1) We drove to Abilene, TX to spend Christmas Eve and witnessed the scariest crash we had ever seen. Long story short, a semi drove straight threw the trailor of another semi that had already jack knifed covering all lanes of the freeway.

2) We arrived in Dallas in the late afternoon on Christmas day to spend the holidays with the Mumford side of the family.

Brooklyn successfully became potty trained in the middle of February.

4) Trevor took his first steps at 11 months.

5) Brooklyn announced that she wants to get married in the temple!!

6) We celebrated Trevor's first Birthday.

7) We had a St. Patrick's Day party with a bunch
of friends. I made the most disgusting looking green enchiladas you had ever seen (and they all got eaten except for one). Too bad I didn't get a picture to post.

8) We were able to set up a kid swap with some friends so we could finally go to the Mesa Temple.

9) We celebrated Sterling's Birthday. According to Brooklyn he turned two!

10) Finally, we just returned from a wonderful trip to the mountains four hours away where we rented a cabin with some friends and played in the snow for a few days. The cabin is in the background of Brooklyn's picture. So fun!!

Okay, other than that, not m
uch has changed. The weather is absolutely beautiful and we have been trying to spend every minute we possibly could outside. The kids favorite things to do are go on walks and go to the park and swing. Not ready for the heat to come, but atleast we aren't in Utah where there is still snow!!