Monday, October 4, 2010


We just recently went on a fun family vacation to Disneyland. We took a trip to the Santa Monica beach and pier, to Hollywood, and most importantly, we went to Disneyland to meet Pooh Bear! It was SO much fun. We were so lucky to be able to stay with the best of friends, Richie, Angie, and Mylie. We hadn't seen them for a few months so it was a great reunion spending the time in California with them and staying in thier apartment. The kids just played and played and well, so did the adults. With the help of the Whitakers we were able to beat Super Mario on our Wii. With many laughs , and some embarrassments, we just had a blast!! The kids (including Sterling :)) favorite part was watching the Disneyland videos on the computer for months and months and then FINALLY have it all come to life. They loved meeting Pooh Bear, Tigger, and Eeyore (though our camera died so we don't have pictures) and the Pooh Bear ride was the all time favorite. I loved the beach and the Pier; I just love people watching and there were so many interesting people there that it was just fun to watch.
Sadly Brooklyn is constanly asking to go to Mylie's house and to go to Disneyland with Mylie. It is sad to tell her that we can't because I want to go visit Mylie again as much as she does. We miss you Whitakers!! Anyway, this is getting too long so I will just show some pictures. There may be too many but we were having so much fun and I saw so many moments that I wanted to capture so we have a lot of pictures to share!!

Cute Girls!

Best Friends


Doris said...

Awesome pictures....I can't believe Sterling still has his Donald Duck Shirt. Looked like you all had a fabulous time!

StamKeve said...

One thing you must know is that there are never too many pictures. Looks like so much fun! I haven't been to Disneyland since I was 7, see what a sad existence I have! :)

Amylee said...

I LOVE the picture of Sterling and Trevor by Donald Duck's star! Ha ha! Such a fun trip. I love Disneyland. I wish I could go every year. I bet it was even better to go with friends!

Brian and Becky said...

Awesome pictures! Isn't Disneyland the best? It's so fun going with kids and seeing it all through their eyes.

Chrissy Beach said...

Looks like fun! You can't beat Disneyland!!:)