Monday, August 16, 2010

Brooklyn's Third Birthday!

Brooklyn turned three this year. Her birthday was very busy this year. We started her birthday celebration with a birthday party for her. She just had a few friends over and we spent two hours playing games, painting with pudding, opening presents, and eating cake. The kids had a blast and we worn out by the time the party ended!
Brooklyn's birthday was a busy one but a fun one. We started the day with going to a nearby botanical garden. We enjoyed ourselves but were glad to get home and out of the heat. Dad got to come home early from work and the real party began. Brooklyn and I made an Elmo cake for her, we covered the apartment with balloons, and opened presents.

The rest of the afternoon we spent playing all sorts of balloon games, playing with all of her gifts, and testing out her new tennis racket (which she says is her favorite present). To top off the day, we took her to the church to hit some balls, well while we were there the sprinklers came on. The kids got absolutley soaked and had the time of their lives. All in all it was a great day for all of us. It is fun to see Brooklyn grow and progress in all she does. We love her so much and are very grateful to be her parents. Trevor loves her so much that he just cries when we drop her off at a play group with friends, makes me laugh.

Anyway, next chance I get, I may post m0re pictures of the birthday festivities, but until then this is all you get!


StamKeve said...

Can't believe how big your kids are getting! Miss you guys!

Angie Whitaker said...

Wow you guys do A LOT for birthdays, what fun memories! Can't wait to see you!